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Principal Contractor

The knowledge and experience we have gained over the last few decades has given us an excellent understanding of the challenges that exist around any historic building project.  These projects are unique in so much as they often hide the true extent of work from the casual observer. Predicting what lies ahead gleaned from years of experience can make a valuable contribution to any complex project.  It is this experience that we offer and has allowed us to successfully manage and complete often large multi trade projects.  These often including the introduction of complex services installations within sensitive historic interiors.

Importantly we are not a pure management contractor who rely solely on the use of specialist sub-contractors.  On our larger projects we feel is s still important to have a core of our own directly employed skilled tradespeople that can ‘set the standard’ and undertake the more challenging elements of work that ensure we are delivering the quality in line with our own self-imposed  standards.  Where possible we will try and encourage a collaborative approach to our projects as we know the best projects are those where the contractor is involved at an early stage.

"The decision to have our own dedicated Health & Safety team, led by our own NEBOSH qualified manager means we can confidently take on any size project "

Before Scaffolding

Trafalgar Park

Going Up


Scaffolding a Grade I Listed Building
Temporary Roof Over A Grade I Listed Building
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