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Brick & Flint

Historic brickwork is far too easily harmed with heavy handed repairs and the poor choice of mortar.  The true beauty of aged brickwork requires a sensitive approach and a skilled hand to ensure we retain the aesthetic qualities that have evolved through centuries of gentle weathering.

The key to this is a focus on the careful selection of replacement matching bricks and crucially developing a pointing mortar that compliments the original in its performance and appearance.

Having the knowledge and facilities available to blend and create new matching mortars means we can ensure the best possible results and enhance the buildings we work on.

Ours skilled team of bricklayers have a wealth of experience working with brick and flint, both repairing and conserving existing structures as well as creating new work in an historic setting.

Kew Pagoda Masonry Repairs HRP
Brick and flint garden wall with traditional gate
Decorative Brickwork Panel
Hand made bricks and knapped flint panels
Hydraulic Lime mortar and hand Made Bircks
Hall Barn Gate Pier
Decorative Brick Outlet
New Build House hand made bricks with lime mortar
West Wycombe Mausoleum Flint Repairs
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