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Carpentry & Site Timber Frame

At a site level repair of historic buildings and timberwork, requires a different skill set from a conventional carpenter. Owlsworth Conservation have one of the largest traditional carpentry workforces in the country, and are able to repair and authentically restore where preservation of fabric is not possible, timber constructions from any period of English history. 

There are numerous specialized repair joints, such as the slip tenon, the under squinted and butt scarf offering varying degrees of tensile and compressive strength, though most still depend on mechanical fastening to keep the joint closed. The appropriateness in terms of position within a frame, period, exposure to the elements, strength required all need to be considered.

Carpentry methods and techniques have unsurprisingly evolved through the centuries, and construction techniques can help to date a structure.  We use traditional techniques and alongside modern methods to support the buildings original structure and form to ensure they can be enjoyed for centuries to come. Our site work is supported by our workshops, where jigs, gantries and hoists allow us to actually deconstruct and then repair entire structures if necessary, before returning them to their original position.

Whilst the majority of our work is based in conservation, with an ethos of minimal intervention and preserving as much of the original structure as possible, we do undertake a significant amount of new build timber frame work. This may involve an extension to a listed timber frame building where a suitably sympathetic style has been chosen or indeed a whole new building.

Beyond framing nearly all aspects of a project require more conventional skills such as installing and repairing paneling or floorboards. Here often the unappreciated skills are the disassembly of old brittle timber which needs a systematic, careful and experienced approach, before the repairs even begin.

Extensive Timber Frame Repairs
Howberry Wood Farm Ptolemy Dean
Sole Plate Repairs
Repair To Existing Timber Frame
New Timber Frame
Roof Repairs
New Joinery Wormsley Estate
Traditional Carpentry
Shiplap Elm Cladding
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