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An important part of our business is the work we carry out on churches.  These buildings are often amongst the oldest in any town or village and typically demonstrate the best of traditional craftsmanship.  Stone, brick and flintwork as well as carpentry, plastering and leaded light windows are all evident.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we hold virtually all the key trades necessary to tackle any church project.  Whether the repair of the tower masonry or a sympathetic extension using traditional materials, our appreciation and understanding of these buildings makes it all possible.


The quality and sensitivity of our work, carried out by our polite and responsible craftsmen, ensure that the churches we work on are looked after for many generations.



"Owlsworth Conservation's most extensive project list includes work to Religious Monuments, Chapels, Churches and Cathedrals. Our passion for this work is due to the significance of the buildings, diversity of construction and beautiful detailing which presents a variety of interesting challenges." 

Winchester Cathedral

Slapton Church

All Saints Crondal

Winchester Cathedral
All Saints

Kings and Scribes—The Birth of a Nation is an ambitious project which has three main objectives: -

  • To enable more people, to learn about the Cathedral and its history through a range of learning opportunities including a new Learning Centre.

  • To extend the ministry and mission of the Cathedral to many more people and transform the experience of visitors through creating new exhibitions which unlock the Cathedral’s hidden treasures including the highly significant and stunning 12th Century illuminated Winchester Bible.


  • To preserve the Cathedral for generations to come by tackling the mounting need for conservation, maintenance and repair of the building’s fabric.

The project has a unique format in which the Cathedral themselves have an extremely active role within the project team which also includes Nick Cox Architects and SFK consulting. Owlsworths’ works which are spread throughout the enormous south transept. The centre piece and indeed the most challenging aspect of the works is the construction of a unique mezzanine floor which sails over the calefactory, suspended on bespoke hand forged raising pieces.

Owlsworth Conservation have a long been associated with the grade II* Holy Cross church at Slapton. The tower is constructed from flint and cluntch, a very soft chalk stone which is vulnerable to weather. This in itself provides some unique challenges, and an approach where the soft nature of the stone needs to be considered.

Our masonry team have carried out every known type of stone repair including shelter coating, lime grouting, lime washing, plastic repairs, and indents as well entirely new carved stone sections. In undertaking this work we developed numerous mortar mixes to match as closely the differing mortars used throughout the life of the church, which begun in the late 13th century.

Other phases have included a new lead roof for the tower and handmade tiles for the knave and aisles. Associated with this included new lightening protection system, plus repairs to the timber roof structure, gutter boards and rerendering

All Saints is a Grade I listed Norman church which was built on the site of the original Anglo-Saxon church from the 9th century. An Archaeological project carried out under the nave arcade led to this discovery.


Over the centuries it has had many additions and modifications, the chief one being the prominent brick bell tower which was built in 1659 to replace the 12th century tower which had become unstable.

Owlsworth undertook a major stone masonry project to the east elevation which included significant leaded light repairs. An interesting aspect of the works was the build-up of the walls which required particular consideration. Unusually multiple stone and render systems had been used historically, all of which where rebuilt in their original form. Where possible original fabric was reused.

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